Agile Chess™

Bring a little joy to the world with a little invention!


About Agile Chess™

An invented casual chess game for the world, simple to learn and fun to play.

Play Agile Chess today, a simple game that’s infinitely replayable with rewarding complexity. Join a “couple” of players today at this original and exciting game.

Agile Chess is a simple game with rewarding complexity. Like chess, you go into every game with the same concept and rules, unlike chess, every game takes place on a randomly generated hidden board. Openings and strategies are thrown out the window, quick thinking and an alert mind are what make a good player.

Agile Chess™ is designed with both casual and competitive players in mind. Being completely random and hidden, newcomers will find the game easy to pick up, there are no set strategies or openings to study, nor any unnecessarily complicated rules. Since every game is completely random, skill expressions are based on ingenuity and the presence of mind. The game is never the same, making the skill ceiling infinitely high. Every unique kind of player; will find a fun, ever-changing, and rewarding game in Agile Chess.

The Agile Chess team has streamlined the game and used universally-recognizable numbers as chess pieces in the hopes that everyone around the world can enjoy this easy to learn yet hard to master game.

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